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The Origins

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The progenitor of the Urciullo family is Giuseppe Urciullo.

By his descendants it has been established that:
From Giuseppe Gurciullo and Teresa Vasile of Sortino (SR Italy) in the year 1826 Vincenzo Gurciullo was born. The young Vincenzo married Maria Manfré, born in Sortino in the year 1828, daughter of Guglielmo and Concetta Muré. From Vincenzo and Maria's matrimony, five daughters and one son were born in Sortino: Concetta, Pasqua, Francesco, Angela, Giovanna and Vincenza. The great grandfather Vincenzo, moved to Solarino (SR Italy) around 1865, probably for employment reasons. As a result of a clerical error at Solarino's City Hall, his last name was changed and recorded as "Urciullo", the same surname that his twin sons Paolo and Giuseppe were recorded. Paolo died six months after birth; Giuseppe is the progenitor of the Urciullo's of Solarino.
On July 30, 1891 grandfather "Piddu" (nickname for Giuseppe) married Provvidenza De Santis. From their matrimony the following siblings were born in Solarino: Vincenzo, Paolo, Paolino, Concetta, Maria, Giuseppa, Francesco and Giuseppe.
Francesco Urciullo and Corradina Amatore are the parents of Umberto, the person dedicated to the reconstruction of the genealogical tree, helped by siblings, relatives and friends, who received and embraced wholeheartedly all this work of pedantic research, with the hope that the descendants, with good will, will continue and carry on this endeavor helping cement the families ties, that time, unfortunately, tends to weaken.
                                            Nella Urciullo

The original surname Gurciullo, it seems was imported from Spain around 1300-1400 by some Spanish soldier with the occupation (or colonization) forces of king Alfonso III D'Aragona.


Surname originates from the city of Amantea (Cosenza Italy). Ancient patrician family known for feudal landholders and important high positions held. Around 1400 it branched out in Sicily, having, among others, the barony of Rocca Guglielmina. Since 1551 it was received many times by the order of Malta.
The surname Amatore, originally from Noto (SR Italy) came to Solarino around 1923-24 with the arrival of the two brothers Paolo and Santo, stonecutters that contracted the carving of the facades of Solarino city hall and the hospital G. Vasquez.


                                        Umberto Urciullo


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